Penulisan Terindeks Scopus 2015

No. Penulis Judul Jenis jurnal Tahun Terbit
1 Yoshio Makino1*, Aiko Isami, Takehiro Suhara, Kenjiro Goto, Seiichi Oshita, Yoshinori Kawagoe, Shinichiro Kuroki, Yohanes A. Purwanto, Usman Ahmad and Sutrisno Nondestructive Evaluation of Anthocyanin Concentration and Soluble Solid Content at the Vine and Blossom Ends of Green Mature Mangoes during Storage by Hyperspectral Spectroscopy Food Science and Technology Research, 21 (1), 59-65, 2015 2015
2 Sri Hartati, S Wiyono, SH Hidayat dan Meity S. Sinaga Mode of action of yeast-like fungus Aureobasidium pullulans in controlling anthrachnose of postharvest chili International J of Science: Basic and Applied Research   (IJS BAR), Vol 20 No.2, 2015 2015
3 Awang Maharijaya, Ben Vosman Managing the Colorado Potato Beetle; the need for resistance breeding Euphytica

DOI 10.1007/ s10681-015-1467-3

4 Yohanes Aris Purwanto, I. Wayan Budiastra, Emmy Darmawati and Nur Arifiya Measurement of starch and soluble solid content in papaya using near

infrared spectroscopy

Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2015, 7(6):112-116


5 Priyanti, Tatik Chikmawati , Sobir , and Alex Hartana Leaf Trichome Morphology of Durio Kutejensis Landraces from Kalimantan Makara J. Sci. 19/1 (2015), 37-42 doi: 10.7454/mss.v19i1.xxxx 2015
6 Tri Budiyanti , Sri Hadiati, Riry Prihatini , and Sobir Genetic Diversity of Indonesian Snake Fruits as Food Diversification Resources International Journal on Advanced Science Engineering Information Technology Vol 5(20150 No. 3 2015
7 Awang Maharijaya, Ben Vosman, Greet Steenhuis-Broers, Koen Pelgrom, Agus Purwito, Richard G.F. Visser and Roeland E. Voorrips QTL mapping of thrips resistance in pepper Theor Appl Genet (2015) 128:1945–1956 2015
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