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Abstract. Mangosteen and its relatives of the genus Garcinia L. belong to the family Guttiferae that contains about 35 genera and up to 800 species. Guttifferae diversity is found across the Indonesian archipelago. In order to elucidate the genetic diversity of mangosteen and its relatives, a morphological and molecular analysis was conducted. The analysis of […]

Non Destructive Prediction of Ripe-Stage Quality of Mango Fruit Cv ‘Gedong Gincu’ Stored in Low Temperature by NIR Spectroscopy

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Abstract. This study demonstrates the use NIR spectroscopy to predict the internal quality parameter in mango fruit non destructively. Soluble solids content (SSC), pH and firmness of mango fruits cv.‘Gedong Gincu’) were examined by NIR reflectance tofind out factors to be considered in online detection. The wavelength range of 1000–2400 nm was selected and data […]

Non-Destructive Analysis of Internal and External Qualities of Mango Fruits during Storage by Hyperspectral Imaging

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Abstract. Internal and external qualities of mango fruit during storage were evaluated by a hyperspectral camera system. Mangoes at table maturity and full maturity were harvested in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, and stored for 10 or 6 d at 27°C (RH 90%). Spectral reflectance (380-1000 nm) and soluble solid content (SSC) were measured during storage, and […]

Chilling Injury in Green Mature ‘Gedong Gincu’ Mango Fruits Based on the Changes in Ion Leakage

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Abstract. In this study, the chilling induced of green mature mango fruits stored at chilled temperature and the changes in its quality during storage period were examined. The chilling induced was investigated through the changes in the rate of ion leakage. The quality of mango fruits during storage was examined through the changes in firmness, […]

Produksi Umbi Mini Kentang Secara Aeroponik Melalui Penentuan Dosis Optimum Pupuk Daun Nitrogen

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Abstrak. Persentase stolon menjadi umbi pada produksi umbi mini kentang secara aeroponik diperkirakan hanya 5–10%, sehingga masih terdapat peluang untuk meningkatkan produksi umbi mini dengan melakukan induksi pengumbian. Penelitian bertujuan untuk meningkatkan produksi umbi mini kentang melalui peningkatan induksi pengumbian dengan berbagai dosis pupuk daun nitrogen. Percobaan dilaksanakan di Rumah Plastik di Lembang, Bandung Barat, […]