Center for Tropical Horticulture Studies Profile


Center for Tropical Horticulture Studies is a center under LPPM IPB who has mandate to improve sains, technology and art, and human resource to activate agribusiness chain and horticulture agroindustries of Indonesia.


Horticulture studies which sustainable and integrated with strategy

  1. Studies with dynamic roadmap guide
  2. Keeping product standard by market and consumer preferences
  3. Create partnerships at local level, national and international (improve agrotecnology cluster)

Plant Breeding Division

The excellent of varieties have to improve continuesly and updated to anticipate the challenge of climate change, consumer preferences and market standard. The activities on Plant Breeding Division include:

  1. Collection and characterization of genetic resources (germplasm)
  2. The assembly of new varieties
  3. Release of improved varieties of tropical fruits and vegetables
  4. Development of participatory breeding

Technology Development Division

High yielding varieties of horticultural Indonesia requires escort technology in order to produce well. Technology developed from upstream to downstream-based Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP), which includes:

  1. Technology of production of the field to ensure the productivity, quality and continuity of production
  2. Post-harvest Technology fresh (fresh handling) to maintain the quality, extend shelf life, and simplify the consumption and distribution
  3. Processing technology to increase the added value of tropical horticulture

Partnerships and Market Research Division

Network and developed long-term partnerships with stakeholders at national and international levels to

carry out research activities and the results of dissemination

  1. To disseminate the results of studies into the path through strategic technology users
  2. Mobilize efforts to provide seeds / seedlings of superior
  3. Providing business consultation and support on the implementation of technology
  4. Build and develop the tropical horticulture supply chain (SCM)
  5. Review the market studies and horticulture agribusiness institutional
  6. Provide information services tropical horticulture development


The findings are applicable:

  1. Propagation quickly and in bulk (pineapple and banana)
  2. Propagation of elite seed (papaya, melon, pepper dan tomato)
  3. Determination of nutrient status and fertilizer recommendations
  4. Standard Oprational Procedure (SOP) to produce a variety of fruits dan vegetables
  5. Off season fruit production
  6. Integrated Control of Fusarium wilt on banana
  7. Integrated Control curly disease on pepper
  8. Processing fruit becomes soft candy, sheets, etc.


Support from education and qualified researchers from various disciplines enable to integrated PKHT conducts research ranging from basic to applied research. Technical support unit are:

  1. Tajur Experiment field, Pasir Kuda and farmer partners field (farmers and entrepreneur in Sukabumi, Bogor, Lampung, Central Java, etc)
  2. Nursery : Tajur and Pasir Kuda
  3. Laboratory : micro propagation, nutrients analysis, DNA, etc
  4. Agribusiness Development Station as dissemination unit and packing house


PKHT provide services :

  1. The development and release of varieties
  2. Policy research, the preparation of the roadmap and improving the competitiveness of tropical horticulture
  3. Technology Development
  4. Information Services: The development of productive fields, horticultural industry, marketing, and supply chain
  5. Training and internship: nurseries, farm management, product management
  6. Development fields production, laboratory test and nutrients contents and analysis of DNA
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