Separation Process of Nonpolar Gas Hydrate in Food Solution under High Pressure Apparatus

Abstract. Separation process of nonpolar gas hydrate formation in liquid food was experimentally studied under high pressure container. Xenon (Xe) gas was selected as hydrate forming gas and coffee solution was used as a sample of liquid food. The high-pressure stainless steel container having the inner diameter of 60mm and the volume of 700mL with a U-shaped stirrer was designed to carry out this experiment. A temperature of 9.0∘C and Xe partial pressure of 0.9MPa were set as a given condition. The experiment was designed to examine the effect of steel screen size, formation rate, temperature condition, and amount of Xe gas dissolving in the solution on the separation process which was indicated by concentration efficiency. Screen size of 200 and 280mesh resulted in higher concentration efficiency than that of 100 mesh.The higher stirring rate caused the higher formation rate of Xe hydrate and created the smaller Xe hydrate crystals. At the condition giving the same solubility in water, temperature of 14.8∘C resulted in lower concentration efficiency than 9.0∘C. The increase in the amount of Xe gas dissolving in coffee solution caused the concentration efficiency to decrease; however, the concentration ratio between the final and initial concentration of the solution increased.


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